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Plus Size Doggie Strap

$2499 USD

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A Plus Size edition of our best-selling doggie style strap, this incredibly versatile accessory makes the most of doggie style - bringing back the ease, intensity, and satisfaction to a tried and true classic. The seemingly simple design targets several aspects of you and your lover's needs, compressing the vaginal canal for a tighter sensation, easing wear and tear on love handles as you hold them close, and relieving stress on the lower back resulting in a mutually satisfying and deepened experience. Ideal for couples dealing with injuries to the back or knees, this quick fix can simply transform your sex life and restore connection faster than you can say “who let the dogs out?” Features: Better leverage for the person on top Compresses vaginal canal and creates “tighter” sensation Side straps eliminate need to hold “love handles” and reduces marks Allows for deeper penetration Improves orgasms Adjusts for better control Handcrafted in the USA Pad is 7 inches longer and 1.5 inches wider than the “I Like It Doggie Style Strap” In The Box: Plus Size Doggie Style Strap Materials: 40% polyester, 40% polyethylene foam, 15% polypropylene, 5% abs plastic