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Je Joue Ami 3-Piece Silicone Kegel Set Purple

$5999 USD

We have run out of stock for this item.

  • FULLY COMPREHENSIVE 3 STEP KEGEL SET - With three progressive kegel weights - from soft weight single ball, to hard and heavy double ball - Ami kegel set enhances pelvic fitness, allowing deeper and more intense orgasms alongside a range of health benefits at a self-selected pace
  • VELVET SMOOTH SILICONE - Designed with the softest velvety 100% body safe silicone for the greatest comfort while in use
  • EXPERT-LED DESIGN - Designed in conjunction with health experts to suit as many different body types as possible. Comes with detailed instructions for setting up your personal pelvic training plan
  • EASY AND PLEASUREABLE TO USE - The smooth, round shape and texture of the Ami set means they are very comfortable to insert with a little water-based lubricant and ergonomic retrieval loops make removal easy. Each Ami contains little balls that rumble inside you, creating a discreet, arousing sensation while you’re working out